Ms.Pinmanee Suwanmosi

Sun Gate way(ซัน เกทเวย์)


Customer Voice

I know from the bank. I just found out that there is a loan for Thai people abroad. I’m determined to buy a condominium when I go back to Thailand so that I don’t have to bother others. If you’d like to have a home after retirement or rest, please contact Sun Gateway.

Think of Thailand, Think Sun Gateway

How did you know about our project?

I knew the Government Housing Bank. I went to the bank. It was recommended by the bank.


Why do you want to have a condo in Thailand?

I intend to buy a condominium for vacation time, and I want to have some privacy when I go back to Thailand so that I don’t have to stay in


What’s the reason for the decision to file a loan with us?

Because I want to get a loan with GHB.


How was the loan thing going?

Good. Convenient. I just found out that there are loans for Thai people overseas.


What was the impression of our project?

Be impressed with the service before and after a loan application


How is the officer’s service?

The staff took good steps to help with the paperwork.


How does it feel to have a house of your own?

Good. It’s very private.


Give it to the Thai people abroad who want to make the same loan as you.

I’m thinking of filing a complaint with GHB since it’s a stable bank. Anyone interested in wanting a home in Thailand after retirement or vacation, contact Sun Gateway.