Why is Pop Mart Thailand so feverish that it has become a phenomenon?

Pop Mart

The trend of Pop Mart Thailand is currently a hot topic in Thailand, to the point where it’s trending on Twitter and various online media outlets. Today, we’ll introduce what Pop Mart is, what it sells, and why so many Thais are willing to wake up early and queue up to the point where CentralWorld almost bursts at the seams.

What is Pop Mart Thailand?

Pop Mart is a well-known store specializing in Art Toys, which are collectible art pieces designed in the form of toys. They come in limited sizes, suitable for carrying or displaying according to the buyer’s preference. These art toys feature unique and stylish designs that are one-of-a-kind. Pop Mart is originally from China but has recently opened its first branch in Thailand.

Why is Pop Mart so popular?

Pop Mart is highly popular among art toy collectors. It serves as a store that gathers a variety of art toy products for everyone to choose from. On September 20, 2023, Pop Mart opened its first flagship store in Thailand, offering limited edition art toys on the same day. This prompted many art toy enthusiasts to queue up in front of CentralWorld from the early hours of the morning. Some of the highly sought-after art toys included Crybaby and SKULLPANDA.

Drama at Pop Mart Thailand: Shoppers rushing into the mall, causing injuries

When this renowned store opened its doors, art toy enthusiasts, as well as resellers and queue-hire individuals, flocked in large numbers. There were so many of them that they overflowed in front of CentralWorld. As a result, some of the toy models sold out within minutes. There was even an incident called “Pop Mart Zombie,” where a large number of people rushed and jostled each other, leading to injuries and chaos. This event led to criticism of Pop Mart’s management.

For those who want to buy art toys at Pop Mart, you can visit them on the 1st floor of CentralWorld starting today.

Source: thairath