The First Company

The First Company
The first company to provide international services regarding loans and real estate in Thailand for Thais living abroad.

The Only One

The Only One
The sole representative of the Government Housing Bank for GHB Home Loan Project for Thais oversea

The One-Stop Service

The One-Stop Service
The one-stop service that covers loan and Thailand real estate needs for Thais living abroad.

20 years of our commitment to Thai people living oversea

The starting point is that our management has a long experience in business related to international matters. Our management has the vision of creating a leading organization as a business gateway to Thailand for people living abroad.

From our experience serving customers in this business, we truly understand the problems, obstacles, and need to have a home or real estate in Thailand, whether for personal or other purposes. We also foresee the fact that there is still a huge gap in how to complete purchase/sell transactions across countries for Overseas Thais living abroad.

Since then, we have been Thailand’s first and only company that recognizes the importance of Thai people living abroad to own property in Thailand. At that time, we had proposed the housing loan program for Thai people abroad to the Government Housing Bank. SUN and the Government Housing Bank have participated in and initiated the GHB Home Loan Project for Thai people abroad since 2005.

Since then, we have been serving Thai people abroad with our full commitment.

We have committed to solving problems and continuously developing new business models to achieve our full potential in all areas. We innovate comprehensive services and adapt to the fast-changing business environments to deliver the best quality services for people living overseas.

Statement of


We are constantly evolving and going further than ever for customer success, our partners, and our team.


Committed to best business practices to provide excellent professional service. Fulfilling dreams of Thai people abroad for owning a house and real estate in Thailand



Committed to our customers

We are dedicated to providing consulting services for Thai people abroad to complete their journey of acquiring their own homes in Thailand.

Transparent & Honest

Have the right standpoint. We adhere to ethical principles in providing service to all customers. We act with integrity and responsibility.

Always be innovative

We want to go from good to great in everything we do for our customers, partners, and organization. We are committed to striving for excellence and to find new innovative ways. It reflects on our customers, partners, and employees and sets the tone for everything we do.

Value equal principles

Everyone is important to us. We adhere to the principle of equality according to international principles. Give priority to every customer.

Fast, Fun, and Fabulous Culture

This culture keeps us from stopping to give sincere service and improve our speed with the heart to operate for the outstanding results that we are proud of. This motto is what shapes our corporate culture and defines the identity of all our team members.