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We give importance and strive to provide unique service to our customers with professionalism and caring. As we truly understand your needs and limitations, we can create a solution to help make our customers’ dreams come true.

Knowledge and expertise in loans for overseas people

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Real estate consulting services by a team of experts for your real estate ownership, whether residential or investment purposes for people living abroad. Services such as various types of real estate procurement services per your needs across all provinces.

Financial counseling services for Thais and foreign customers living overseas to access a variety of funding sources. Proceed for documentation in loan process for customers who want to buy house, condo or other types of real estate.

Legal consultation services and juristic acts related to the purchase, sales and investment of real estate i.e. proof of ownership documents. Support requirements for cases such as land ownership for Thais with foreign spouses or other title deed transfer issues.

Financial consultation and services for financial transactions or investment purposes both for Thais and foreigners, such as payments related to purchases and sales of real estate.

We have answers for all your needs.

One-stop services for those living oversea
Safe & Confident with loan from a state-owned bank.
Proceed every step without having to travel back to Thailand.

For every question, we are ready to serve you.

  • Confidence with a team of professionals in each area
  • Covering international cross-country services
  • Responding to both Thai overseas and foreigners
  • Serve various needs for both residential and investment purposes