Ms. Kanokwan Pholchan

Sun Gate way(ซัน เกทเวย์)


Customer Voice

I want to have a house for the future. A friend who had worked on the matter suggested doing it with Sun Gateway. Requesting a loan went smoothly and didn’t understand where the staff gave an answer. Let’s be another voice of success. This project gives us the opportunity to actually have a house in Thailand. For those who want to have a house in Thailand, please contact Sun Gateway.

Think of Thailand, Think Sun Gateway

How long has the customer been abroad?

I’ve been here since 2010.


How do customers know about our project?

Get to know throungh Facebook


Why do customers want to buy a house in Thailand?

because I work stable and plans to start a family Everything in the Netherlands fits perfectly. So I want to have a house in Thailand for the future as well.


Has the customer ever applied for a loan before?



What is the reason that makes customers decide to do business with us?

i read from reviews and inquire with successful acquaintances make sure


How is the process of proceeding?

everything is smooth I do not understand where the staff will find the answer for me. The amount of money is satisfactory.


What impressions do customers have on our projects?

It’s like everyone I am impressed that Thai people abroad have a home in Thailand.


The feeling of having your own home in Thailand How do customers feel?

I’m glad. I’m very glad.


Please give a message to Thai people abroad who want to build a house like your customers.

Well, many people may not dare to do it. is that I want you to believe that there really is a project like this that gives us the opportunity to have a house in Thailand Feel free to contact me at Sun Gateway. I would like to be another voice of success.