What are the types of land deeds

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What are the types of land deeds


What is the title deed

Is an important book showing ownership of the land Issued under the current land code It also includes title deeds, maps, deeds, reservations, and reservations that Has already been made useful Which was issued under the old law But also considered ownership Land owner Considered to have complete ownership of that land

How many types of land

In Thailand, there are 2 types of land divided into

  • State land

State land is a land that does not belong to any person to be considered a state. Including land under the supervision of various government agencies

  • Private land

Private land is private land that has ownership. Or possession rights under the Land Code

Private land can be divided into 2 types

  • Proprietary land includes land that has important books. For land including title deeds, title deeds, maps, deed, reservations and branded reservations. Have already made good use
  • The land that a person has the right to possess is a land that has a certificate of benefit, including hrs.S.3, hrs.S.3 A. And hrs.S. 3b.

Private land is a land that the general public can register. To make a purchase-sell Or possess according to the Land Code But must have documents, books showing rights on that land, etc


What kind of land can be purchased – sold – transferred

What kind of land can be purchased – sold – transferred, divided into 4 types

at all, namely land deeds, certificates of exploitation and books allowing entry to benefit land reform? Each of which has the color of the athletics on the deed and the broken abbreviationsDifferent

Land differences can be purchased – sold – transferred to each type
  • Red Garuda Land, or hrs.S.4

The title deed is a book showing land ownership. Issued by the Department of Land in accordance with the Code Which, if any of you have possession, will be considered the owner of the land with complete ownership Air photo and clearly specify the area Is a land title deed, considered as the document showing the most clear ownership can be purchased – Sell, transfer, mortgage or use guarantees But the buyer and seller must register the transfer of ownership in front of the competent official At the Department of Lands office only

  • Green Garuda Benefit Certificate or hrs.S.3 A.

Certificate of benefit or hrs.S.3 A. Issued by the government and the local sheriff Is a book that guarantees that the occupant can make good use of that area There is a clear aerial photo position. And the land position in the air photo position is mainly determined

Although hrs.S.3 A.Aerial imagery will be identified and the exact location has been identified. Still not considered Land deeds without ownership But can still buy-sell, transfer, mortgage, bank

  • Black Garuda Benefit Certificate or hrs.S.3

Certificate of benefit or hrs.S.3 and hrs.S.3 B. Will be different as follows
  •  hrs.S.3 will be a document issued by the local sheriff
  •  hrs.S.3 B. Will be the book that the land officer issued But has not yet officially certified

All 2 books will be books that the government issued to those who occupy the land in general. There will be no air photo and no clearly defined position. Looks like a map But can still buy-sell, transfer, and can be used to request a deed

For buying land to build a house Or already have land and want to build a house That land must be at.S.3 A and hrs.S.4 Mon.  ( Red Garuda )

  • Land title deed owner or hrs.S.4. If being occupied by others for more than 10 years, we will lose the right to possess the title deed. And if releasing the land to desolate without agriculture Or leave the land vacant for more than 10 years. That land must be legally state
  • The owner who holds the certificate of benefit both.S.3, hrs.S.3 A. And hrs.S.3 B. If others are occupied for more than 1 year, we can lose the right to hold a certificate of benefit. And if the land is released to be desolate without agriculture or to leave the land vacant for more than 5 years, that land must be legally state
  • If allowing other people to openly occupy the land And with the intention of owning it In which the real landowner did not intervene for 10 consecutive years, that person was able to prosecute in court for the court to issue an order for the person to have ownership of the land.That piece went

Land Buy-sell-Cannot Transfer

  • Books allowing entry into benefits In the Land Reform Area, Garuda, Blue or S.Primary.A.4-01

Allow entry into benefits In the land reform area or S.Primary.A.4-01 is a document issued to the owner only having the right to agriculture on the land. Will not be able to buy-sell, transfer, or later become deed But can only be transferred to divide into inheritance to the heirs of the rights owner And when the heirs of the owners of the right to inheritUsed for agriculture only by S. documents.Primary.A.4-01 will have both blue and red athletics as well as land title deeds. Let friends notice easily. The text above the document head of S.Primary.A.4-01 will write that “ a letter allowing entry into the land reform area ” the title deed section.S.4 Red Garuda. The text at the document head will write “ Land title deeds ”

  • hrs.S.2 or booking

hrs.S.2 or a reservation is a book that the government issued To allow possession to benefit temporary land Set to start making use within 6 months. ( After the date of issuance of the reservation, ) after receiving the reservation must Complete the land benefits within 3 years, which the person possessing the reservation Must use more than 75% of the land% Of land by caution when buying and selling land with a reservation or hrs.S.2. This type of land can be reserved for land deeds, hrs.S.3, hrs.S.3 A. And hrs.S.3 B.Yes, but the law stipulates that this type of land cannot be transferred to other people. But can be an inheritance to the heirs

  • Local tax payment or B.E.B.E.T.5

Local tax payment or B.E.B.E.T.5 is a local tax filing form As evidence that we have paid annual local taxes Not a document showing the right to occupy the area The owner of the area will belong to the state only if another person is allowed to live or do temporary benefits and will haveRequesting a local maintenance tax as an answer to Teten

  • Right to eat on land or hydro.

Right to eat on land or hydro. Is a book that the royal court in the Department of Forestry issued to allow people who invade the National Forest Area Which is an act that violates the law There are temporary living areas and benefits. Can be a legacy for the heirs to continue farming But if abandoned for more than 2 years by the departmentThe forest is remembered to be seized immediately

Other documents related to land

  • Useful books or hrs.C.3

Useful books or hrs.C.3 Is a book showing the benefits Issued by the Civil Service Is the allocation of land in the form of a cooperative settlement For living only By receiving a family of no more than 50 rai per year if the person possessing.C.3 More than 5 years, this evidence can be used to apply for a title deed. But there is a caveat to the point that Land deeds issued using evidence.C.3. Will be forced to prohibit transfers for a period of 5 years from the date of receiving the title deed Except as an inheritance only

  • Inquiry or hrs.S.5

Inquiry or hrs.S.5 is a book showing an investigation to issue a title deed Not a book showing ownership of land But can be registered according to the code And can transfer If the land has an investigation certificate and a letter of benefit But if the land has only an inquiry certificate, there is no certificate of benefit or any evidence of land at all Will not be able to transfer to others Except as a registration transfer is an inheritance


The important thing before buying – selling that land, we must learn the meaning, the law, and the various documents in detail. To avoid being tricked into buying and selling


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