Things to check before buying a home


Things to check before buying a home

For many people who are planning to buy a house either collecting a lump sum or applying for a loan In addition to financial factors There are other environmental factors. that must be thoroughly analyzed before making a decision to buy a house


5 things to check carefully before buying a house


1. Financial readiness

Homes are relatively expensive real estate. Finance is therefore the most important thing before deciding to buy a house. Or if looking for a source of funds by applying for a loan with a bank Must check that income can apply for a loan with the bank according to the price of the house you want to buy or not.

  • Savings

The savings is a lump sum that is used for the principal amount of the purchase of a house. due to request for credit May not get the full limit of the house price. What you should have is a lump sum that is 15 – 20% of the house price to be added to the loan amount to buy a house. and still need to pay the transfer fee various contracts in the process of buying a house In addition, the savings is a bank account credit.

  • Credit check

In addition to regularly checking income and Statement But instead found that the bank did not lend. because there are unpaid liabilities from previous loans or credit card bills that have not been fully paid You can check the outstanding payment information from National Credit Bureau (NCB) to view outstanding balances. and arrange it before Build credit with financial discipline that is good for financial institutions.

2. The type of house you want

The choice of the type and size of the house will determine the ‘price’ of the house in planning expenses. Both the house price and other expenses such as renovation costs, decoration costs, furniture costs, etc. Choosing a place to live It should take into account the suitability of the house price. Monthly Installment so that the house will not become a burden of debt that is too heavy

3. Location of the house

Even if you find a house in the area that meets your needs that is comfortable in traveling to various places must also look at the city plan that the location of the house is in a slum area that may cause harm to property Or is it located in the area of the city plan, an industrial area with truck traffic all the time? Including houses that are attached to the main road. It causes various pollution that may affect the health of the residents Including access to utilities such as water supply, electricity, drainage, roads, internet that are essential to living. It must be taken into account in choosing a location as well. Because in some areas The public utility system may not be able to reach it yet. or access but the system is unstable causing frequent power outages water does not flow often It can affect life in the long run.

4. Expropriation line

The construction area of the house is also important. Especially the story of cutting through the road. If it is a house in a housing project, you must check with the town plan whether the road that cuts through is a private road or a public road. because for public roads there will be expropriation to check

5. Travel and nearby facilities

When you get a house in a location that meets your needs Came to check to see if the trip went in and out. Is it worth the travel cost? In addition Check if the facility is nearby.


Buying a good home is like starting a long-term happiness for yourself and your family. Before making a decision to buy a house, you should check to be sure. so as not to encounter problems that may follow later And if it’s a Thai person abroad who wants to have access to a safe and confident source of funds that will allow you to get the desired real estate. Should find a specialist for Thai people abroad directly like Loan for Thai people abroad That will give you access to a safe funding source.

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