10 Best Rated SALADS in the World

10 Best Rated SALADS in the World

Tasteatlas has ranked the best salad in the world by Pla Kung Thailand in 6th place and papaya salad in 8th place 

10 Best Rated SALADS in the World 

1.Dakod – Greece

2.Shopska salad – Bulgaria

3.Mechouia salad – Tunisia

4.Greek salad – Greece

5.Ovcharska salad – Bulgaria

6.Phla kung – Thailand

7.Caprese salad – Italy

8.Som tam-Thailand


10.Goma wakame – Japan


The website describes Pla Kung Thai as 

Pla Kung Thai as  This hot and sour shrimp salad consists of blanched shrimps combined with chopped lemongrass stalks, shallots, kaffir lime leaves, cilantro, and mint leaves, all covered with a chili-lime dressing. The spicy shrimp salad is typically placed atop fresh lettuce leaves, then garnished with fresh mint sprigs. There are many variations of this dish, some of which call for other types of seafood or fish instead of shrimps, or even a mix of several seafood types for a more interesting salad.

The website describes som tam Thai  

Som tam  is a green papaya salad mostly associated with the northeastern part of Thailand (Isaan), though it is often suggested that it first appeared in Laos.  Apart from thin strips of green papaya, this salad usually includes roasted peanuts, green beans, tomatoes, and a tangy sauce typically made with garlic, chili peppers, fish sauce, dried shrimps, palm sugar, and lime or tamarind juice. The varieties are plentiful and can include various additions. The sauce can also appear in many other combinations, and can significantly vary in sweetness and spiciness. Numerous restaurants and street stalls allow the customers to choose the variety they prefer and adjust the ingredients to their preference. It is still not clear whether this refreshing dish was invented in the north of Thailand, more precisely the Isaan region, or is it an original Lao creation. Many believe that it was primarily invented to utilize abundant papayas and that its original form did not use palm sugar because it mostly relied on spicy chili flavors. Regardless of its origin, this simple salad has gained global popularity and can be found on the menus of traditional Thai restaurants around the world. It can be enjoyed as the main dish or as a complement to rice, grilled meat, or marinated fish.

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