Did you know? Even if you are a Thai person abroad, you can now access housing loans in Thailand.

Loan for Thai people abroad

It is a cooperation project between the Government Housing Bank and Sun Gateway Company to allow Thai people abroad to have access to a safe and reliable source of credit. For those who want to have real estate in Thailand for themselves and their families.

By the qualifications of the borrower

Being a Thai person working in a foreign country, being a Thai person abroad who earns income from a foreign spouse with special conditions for Thai people abroad That is, no income is required in Thailand. No co-borrower needed in Thailand Ready to increase the loan amount up to 90%*- 95%*

loan application objectives

To buy land, houses or condominiums to build houses Or buy land ready to build, to add or repair, to redeem the mortgaged land and house Land with buildings or condominiums from other financial institutions, etc. Throughout the loan can be obtained from abroad without having to travel back to Thailand.


*The terms and conditions are in accordance with the Bank’s regulations.


Those interested can inquire at

Line @sungateway

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/homeloanforthai/

Phone number +66 2 231 6800