เทศกาลเย็นทั่วหล้า มหาสงกรานต์ INTERNATIONAL AMAZING SPLASH 2023

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) joins in continuing Thai traditions. “Yen Tua La Maha Songkran Festival” for the year 2023 INTERNATIONAL AMAZING SPLASH 2023 

Thailand’s Songkran festival is considered one of the 5F, which is the Soft Power of Thailand, namely F Festival and Cultural Tourism (Cultural Tourism) 

The Songkran festival has also been ranked as one of the three major festivals in Asia from International Festival and Events Association (IFEA) in 2021, TAT therefore has an idea to extend Thai traditional festivals to international (Local to Global) beginning. with the Songkran Festival. happy splashing festival Internet fun INTERNATIONAL AMAZING SPLASH 2023, which will bring world-renowned festivals alongside the festival “Yen Tua Lala, Maha Songkran”

1.Songkran International Parade INTERNATIONAL CARAVAN 

On April 13, 2023, a parade of Songkran traditions and international cultures from 5 countries, including Thailand, with the parade of the Emerald Buddha enshrined on a bus Along with the procession of Mrs. Songkran, Kimita Devi, in the shape of a head wearing a Jongkonnee flower topaz glass robes banana food right hand His left hand is a harp. sat on the back of the mahihsa as a vehicle
China Meet the colorful procession of happiness of the people of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China. in indigenous cultural costumes India Witness the colorful processions in the style of the Holi festival Japan Setsubun train With drum beats, demons, bean throwing and decorated with torii and cherry blossoms. Korea Bonyeong Parade Have fun in a festival by the sea of Korea


Simulates the atmosphere and cultural traditions of foreign countries that are close to the Songkran festival in Thailand. Strengthening international relations, namely Thailand, with the presentation of the identity of the Songkran traditions of 5 regions across the country, consisting of the Northern region, making Tung, holy water, Som Poi juice for use in the Lanna way of water pouring ceremony, the Central region, making sweet and savory dishes during the festival. Songkran Northeast Presenting the Tie Xiao tradition misfortune (Sadokho) in the eastern region presents the sand pagoda construction ceremony of the black bamboo people. Or a sand pagoda building ceremony and the southern region presents the tradition of Nang Dan parade. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
South Korea with the Mud Festival from Boryeong See the mud pools where the mud was imported from Boryeong City South Korea
India and the Holi festival, according to the Indian tradition of using colored powders to represent friendship. with music, Bollywood dance in Indian style There is also a point for participants to pay homage to Ganesha. China and Xishuangbanna Songkran Festival Presentation of traditional costumes of the Tai Lue people, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China and dance performances to perform the ceremony of asking for water, asking for rain from the gods of heaven and earth and Japan with the Setsubun Festival Festival of blowing evil and enhance prosperity by scattering beans on the giant to wish good health


Increase the atmosphere of NON-STOP fun with SPLASH activities, fun on stage. Meet Thai and international artists such as Joey Boy, Aof Pongsak, Band LAZ1, Band No One Else, Sani, Band Yes Indeed, DJs from Korea, India, Japan and China, as well as international cultural performances. along with WATERBOMB and a water tunnel for 3 days


Supplies of food booths and food trucks, international deliciousness from Korea, Japan, China, India and Thailand.



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Photo: tatnewsthai.org