SOFT POWER ‘Thai dress’ Chinese tourists Photo rental parade in Chiang Mai

Tourism in Chiang Mai began to recover from tourists. especially from China and one of the businesses that is gaining popularity among tourists is a Thai dress rental business With make-up and hair-styling services to travel and take pictures at various tourist attractions in Chiang Mai In which tourists will dress in traditional Thai costumes. which in addition to being popular among tourists It is also a surprise for those who see it as well. Most of the tourists will make reservations through online channels. The rental price is 1,090 baht per person, no deposit required. But the tenant must return the dress after 4 hours and at this price will be able to wear a Thai dress with Thai accessories that can be chosen by yourself. along with make-up and hair-styling services, or if other additional services such as photographers, transfer services can be added to use that service for the atmosphere in the Thai dress rental shop There are foreign tourists Many come to use the service, most of which are Chinese tourists. And tourists from both Asia and Europe enter the store continuously. In which the shop has a Thai dress with accessories both women and men to choose as you wish Then the team of the shop will take you to make up. Make your hair to match your Thai dress. before traveling to various places in Chiang Mai and the Tha Phae Gate

Mr. Wanlop Namwongprom, vice president of the Chiang Mai Cultural Council, revealed that foreign tourists rented Thai costumes. Go take pictures at various tourist attractions. in Chiang Mai and posted to that online world This is considered a good thing and has a very positive effect on the culture and tourism of Thailand. Which also helps to present the beautiful tourist attractions and culture of Chiang Mai to the world to see as well Especially now that it’s almost the Songkran festival or the new year of the city, it is another way to invite foreign tourists to visit Chiang Mai.



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