“Bangkok” is ranked in the top 5 popular tourist cities

Airbnb revealed that Bangkok was the most booked destination in Thailand on Airbnb in 2022, followed by Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui, and Bangkok was the fifth most popular destination on Airbnb in 2023. An estimated 25-30 million tourists will visit this year, up from 11 million last year.

Traveler behavior has changed. After the COVID-19 situation, it was found that travelers were staying in Thailand longer on average by 5 nights, with long stays found to be up to 28 days, a 3-fold increase compared to the previous year. Among the long-term guests, Airbnb found that they were mainly travelers from the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

As for the insights on Thai tourists who are interested in traveling abroad, it was found that Thai people have an increasing desire to travel abroad. And the top 5 destinations for Thais on Airbnb in 2022 are South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, while the cities that Thais book the most accommodation are Seoul, London, Paris, Melbourne, New York.


the source of the news : https://www.brandbuffet.in.th/2023/03/bangkok-ranks-top-5-popular-tourist-destinations-on-airbnb/
Image from : unplash