Thailand moved up to the top 60 of the world’s happiest countries.

ประเทศไทย คะแนนขยับขึ้นติดอันดับ 60 ประเทศที่มีความสุขที่สุดในโลก

World Happiness Report ranks the happiest countries in the world. which Finland Still ranked number 1, the happiest country for the sixth consecutive year, while Thailand ranked 60th, up from 61st last year.The happiest countries in the world ranking is based on the reputable Gallup World Poll average of citizens in more than 150 countries over the past three years (2020-2022) and using six key factors. The areas surveyed and scored include social support, income, health, freedom, generosity. and perspectives on corruptionFor the 2023 ranking, Finland It ranks as the number one happiest country in the world. Consecutively for the sixth year, with the highest score of 7.804 out of 10, followed by Denmark in second place, Iceland in third place, and Israel in fourth place, up from last year’s 9th place and followed. with 5th place in the Netherlands by this year’s ranking results For the most part, the rank is similar to the past 4 years.In which many countries in the Nordic countries are ranked in the top and for the Southeast Asia region. Singapore ranks among the best in the region. Ranked 25th in the world with a score of 6.587 pointsWhile Thailand received a score of 5.843 points, based on six key factors, each perspective score was as follows: Perspectives on corruption at 0.013, the lowest score of all aspects. As for freedom scores at 0.624 points, perspectives on social support, 1.344 points, life expectancy at 1.594 points, generosity at 0.291 points, and gross domestic product per capita (GDP per Capita) at 1.515 points.


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เปิดผลจัดอันดับ ‘ประเทศมีความสุขที่สุดในโลก’ ไทยขยับขึ้นติดอันดับ 60 ฟินแลนด์ครองอันดับ 1 ต่อเนื่องปีที่ 6

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