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Customer Voice

I’m happy about it. Upon reflecting again, considering my age, I wanted to provide a house for my parents, so I decided to apply for a loan with the bank again. The service is convenient…Just go ahead and buy. I don’t know how to express it, but the service is good, and it’s more convenient than traveling back to Thailand.”

Think of Thailand, Think Sun Gateway

You can apply for a home loan in Thailand even if you are a Thai resident in Sweden.

The following interview is a real conversation with a Thai customer working abroad in Sweden for more than 14 years. As they get older, they want to buy a house in Thailand to provide a comfortable living space for their parents.


Can you please tell us in which country you are currently residing?



How long have you been in Sweden?

Around 13-14 years.


Can you tell me what you do for a living?

I work as a nursing assistant.


What type of loan are you applying for—home purchase, construction, or condominium?

Home purchase.


How did you become aware of the loan program for Thai people living abroad?

I found out through the website and also saw it on Facebook.


How is the application process with Sun Gateways, and how is the service from the staff?

The service is convenient. When I have questions, I can easily contact them. The only issue is sometimes the timing doesn’t align perfectly. Otherwise, the staff is helpful, and they can answer questions well.


How do you feel about using income from abroad to buy a house in Thailand?

I’m happy about it. I applied for a loan in Thailand once before but canceled it. Now, considering my age, I decided to buy a house for my parents. So, I applied for a loan with the bank again.


Any message for fellow Thais abroad who want to own a home?

Just go for it. I don’t know how to express it, but the service is good, and it’s more convenient than traveling back to Thailand. The expenses are similar to the cost of a round-trip ticket to Thailand. It’s better to invest in convenience. Whether it’s job-related or not, having this convenience is better.



Thank you for the pictures of the house from our customers.

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