Mr. Saksit – Customer from Portugal

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Customer Voice

I’m buying a townhouse. I want to go back and live in my hometown. It’s comforting. Luckily, I have a friend who has applied for this loan before. He suggested trying it out. If you’ve been working here for several years, you might be able to get the loan. So, I decided to give it a try. I’m happy that I did.

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You can apply for a GH Bank home loan even if you are a Thai living in Portugal.

The following interview is a real testimonial from a Thai customer working abroad in Portugal for over 10 years. He expressed the desire to purchase a house, possibly intending to return to live in Thailand when he is older. Currently, he already has a house in Thailand ready for him to settle in.


In which country are you currently residing?

I am currently in Portugal.


How long have you been living in Portugal?

It’s been around 10 years.


Could you tell us what your occupation is?

I work in agriculture, specifically packing and exporting flowers to the Netherlands. I deal with small-sized Yukka leaves, which are exported to the Netherlands.


What type of loan are you applying for—home purchase, construction, or condominium?

I am applying for a home purchase loan, specifically for a townhouse.


Why do you want to buy a house in Thailand?

Because at the age of 43, I’m not sure how long I can work, and I want to return to live comfortably in my home country. I need to find a place to settle.


How did you become aware of the loan program for Thai people living abroad?

I have a friend who applied for this loan and suggested that I give it a try. He said that if you’ve been working here for many years, you might be eligible for the loan. So, I decided to try it out, and I’m happy I did.


How was the process of applying for the loan through Sun Gateway, and how was the service?

It’s okay. The guidance is good, and they help with everything. It’s convenient. We communicate through LINE, and if anything is lacking, I send the documents. I find it easy.


How do you feel about being able to use income from abroad to apply for a home loan in Thailand this time?

There are some challenges because when I return to Thailand, I need to provide documents from Portugal. But overall, I am proud and satisfied.


Any message you’d like to convey to fellow Thai individuals living abroad who want to own a home?

Wife of Mr. Sakdisit: It’s not difficult. If you want to own a home in Thailand, the first step is to have job stability. Work experience matters. Like my husband, he has been working for many years and hasn’t changed jobs, staying with the same company for over ten years. He has a salary slip for the loan application. He is thinking about applying for another loan within 3-4 years if everything goes smoothly.


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