Ms. Sangtawan Kornsiri

Sun Gate way(ซัน เกทเวย์)


Customer Voice

I plan for retirement. that he would go back to live in Thailand contacted many banks but got rejected. Only GHB. that gives credit to Thai people abroad. The staff give good advice and good service to everyone. Recommended for those who want to have a house or condo in Thailand, contact Sun Gateway. They can make us have a house in Thailand.

Think of Thailand, Think Sun Gateway

How do customers know about our projects?

known from daughter


Why do customers want to buy a house in Thailand?

because i am thai and plans for after retirement that he will return to live in Thailand


Has the customer ever applied for a loan before?

never here first


What is the reason why customers decide to do business with Sun Gateway?

I used to contact many banks but got rejected, only GHB. that gives credit to Thai people abroad.


How is the process of proceeding?

It’s a clear step by step guide.


How is the service?

Good service everyone


What impressions do customers have on our projects?

I am impressed that there are projects for Thai people abroad.


The feeling of having your own home in Thailand how do customers feel

Happy, really glad to have my own home.


Please tell me something for Thai people abroad who want to get a loan like your customers.

Recommended for people who want to have a house or a condo in Thailand. Sun Gateway can help us to have a house in Thailand.