How to choose a home location that’s good for applying for a loan?

How to choose a home location

Today, Sun Gateway will introduce tips on choosing the right home location, which can have a positive impact on your home loan application. Selecting the right location for your home is crucial, especially for those who want to own a home. A good home location not only enhances the comfort of the residents but also increases the appraised value of the house. Read the article below to learn more.

The Importance of home location When Buying a House

Home location refers to the position or area where you intend to purchase a property. It doesn’t just mean the house number or its coordinates but includes broader categories like economic zones, tourist areas, city centers, and suburban areas.

The importance of home location is the first thing that homebuyers should consider before choosing a housing project. The primary factors in selecting a home location typically revolve around the convenience of the residents, including:

1. Proximity to the workplace.
2. Convenient transportation options, such as access to public transportation, major roads, or highways.
3. Proximity to tourist destinations.
4. Proximity to essential amenities like schools, shopping centers, public parks, and hospitals.
5. Personal preferences.


6 Tips for Choosing the Right Home Location for a Better Home Loan Application

Did you know that one of the factors that contribute to getting a full home loan approval is the location of your home? Besides the location, several other factors affect your home’s appraisal value. Read on to learn about these six tips that can help you decide on the perfect home location:

Choose a Central or Near-City Location:

If your budget allows, it’s best to buy a house in the city center or in close proximity to the city. However, if your budget is limited, you can consider areas just outside the city, but be sure to choose projects with a good reputation and complete amenities.

Convenient Transportation for Easy Commute:

If you opt for a home in the city center, it’s essential to ensure convenient transportation options like proximity to highways, major roads, or access to public transportation. Easy commuting to work is a significant advantage. The accessibility of your neighborhood should also be considered.

Complete Amenities for Convenience:

Select a location that offers easy access to various amenities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, shopping malls, tourist attractions, public parks, hospitals, schools, and government offices.

Prioritize Safety:

Safety is paramount when choosing a location. Even if some projects have 24/7 security, the overall safety of the area surrounding your home matters. Factors like neighborhood crime rates and well-lit streets should be taken into account.

Access to Public Utilities:

Public utilities significantly impact property appraisal. A location with access to essential services such as courts, municipal offices, post offices, and transportation companies indicates economic growth potential.

Surrounding Environment:

Consider the overall environment around your housing project. A peaceful, well-serviced neighborhood with nearby businesses like laundromats, barbershops, nail salons, spas, hotels, banks, repair shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and entertainment options is desirable.

Can Thai People Abroad Buy Homes Anywhere?

Thai people living abroad often inquire about which locations they can purchase homes. The answer is that, just like Thai residents, they can choose from a wide range of locations for homes or condos. However, before deciding, it’s advisable to consult with Sun Gateway’s experts to pre-approve your potential home loan application. This will help you determine the budget you can work with and make an informed choice regarding your housing project.

In summary, choosing the right home location is of utmost importance when buying a house, as it directly affects the residents, both current and future. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a location that meets the needs and preferences of the homeowners. Thai people living abroad can also buy homes or condos in various locations, and it’s recommended to consult with experts for pre-approval of their home loan application.

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