What is a GHB Home Loan for Thai abroad

สินเชื่อเพื่อคนไทยในต่างประเทศ ธอส

What is  GHB Home Loan for Thai abroad Don’t ask Pantip because today Sun Gateway will explain to everyone who is interested and answer popular questions that many people ask about whether they can Can I borrow together with my foreign husband? Read more details below.

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What is GHB Home Loan for Thai abroad
Loans for Thai people abroad, how good
Can jointly borrow with a foreign husband
What kind of loan can you request
How to prepare for applying for a loan
Apply for a loan for Thai people abroad via SUN GATEWAY
Conclusion GHB Home Loan for Thai abroad.

GHB home loan for Thais abroad

What is GHB Home Loan for Thai abroad?

GHB Home Loan for Thai Abroad It is a comprehensive home loan project. For Thai people living abroad by Government Housing Bank, It is a project that has been established to provide opportunities for Thai people abroad to have a comfortable home in Thailand. Covers all types of home loans, whether it is a home building loan home purchase loan home loan refinance home improvement loan home redemption loan

For the GHB housing project, loans for Thai people abroad It’s not a new project, but it’s been there for many years. Many Thai people may not know that there is a Home for Thai People project abroad and think that it does not exist. Or think that they are crooks, but in fact, it is another good project that has been serving the Thai people for many decades.



Loans for Thai people abroad, how good.

  • GHB Bank for Thai people abroad That gives an opportunity for Thai people abroad to have a house in Thailand. Whether it’s building a house, buying a house, buying a condo, first-hand house, or second-hand house, you can buy in every province in Thailand*
  • You can use proof of income abroad. No proof of income in Thailand is required.
  • There is a complete home loan, whether it’s building a house, adding a house, or refinancing a house.
  • There is no need to travel to do business by yourself in Thailand.
  • Supports a variety of careers whether independent company employee Owners of various types of businesses such as massage parlors, restaurant employees, marine work, factories, military, etc.
  • Being a housewife doesn’t work. Can join the project can use income from foreign spouses straight away
  • Able to loan up to 95%* (Information as of 05/07/2023), depending on the qualifications of the borrower, and *Terms and conditions It is in accordance with the bank’s regulations and the bank can change the conditions without prior notice.

*Thai people applying for loans alone can choose to buy houses or condos in every area in Thailand. In case of borrowing together with a foreign spouse, there will be some areas that cannot be purchased. Please contact staff for more information.



Can jointly borrow with a foreign husband.

Nowadays, there are many Thai people who have married foreigners and moved to live abroad permanently. Many customers are interested in the project. GHB Loan for Thai people abroad is a lot of and most of the questions that many people are wondering isCan bring income from a husband or wife who is a foreigner to apply for a loan as well? The answer is that it can be a joint loan. You can use the income from your foreign spouse to apply for a loan together.

What should you do If you want to apply for a loan for Thai people abroad?

For anyone who is a Thai person abroad and wants to have a house or a condo in Thailand, you can contact Sun Gateway Company, the only representative of the Government Housing Bank. That has been helping in the field of home loans for Thai people abroad for more than 20 years, serving customers in more than 120 countries around the world. Currently, there are customers who apply for credit. There are a lot of dream houses that you want. You can see it here >> examples of success.

The loan criteria are special criteria, for example, no financial evidence in Thailand is required. can borrow alone No co-borrower or guarantor is required. or in the case of a housewife not working Income can be used by foreign spouses. The story can be conducted from abroad without having to fly back to Thailand.

The preliminary qualifications of the loan applicant are 20 years of age and over, with work documents. Documents for residing abroad as employees or business owners and self-employed.

GHB home loan for Thais abroad

What kind of loan can you request

new loan case

  1. Loans for the purchase of land with buildings or condominiums
  2. to build buildings Or buy land and build a building
  3. Extension or expansion or repair of buildings
  4. Redeem the mortgage of land with buildings or condominiums from other financial institutions.
  5. Redeem the mortgage of vacant land from other financial institutions and build buildings.
  6. Redeem the mortgage of land and buildings from other financial institutions and build or add/expand/repair buildings.
  7. Payment of Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Premiums (MRTA) along with loan applications for the main purpose of this product only.

According to the GHB website



How to prepare for applying for a loan

For anyone who is planning to join the loan program for Thai people abroad, the Bank of Thailand needs to be prepared like Thai people in Thailand as well, whether it is income confirmation documents. identity document Documents about house or condo projects, etc. If there are complete documents, you can proceed quickly. Therefore, if you want to have a house in Thailand, it is best to prepare yourself. If you operate through the Sun gateway company, there will be staff to guide you in preparing documents and giving advice at every step until the customer gets home.


Sungateway GHB home loan for Thais abroad


Apply for a GHB Home Loan for Thai abroad via SUN GATEWAY

If anyone wants to have a house, build a house or condo, no matter where in Thailand. You can contact for consultation with Sun Gateway Company. We have staff ready to take care of giving advice to everyone fully.

Why use Sun Gateway’s home loan service for Thais abroad

  • Sun Gateway Co., Ltd. has been providing home loan services in foreign countries for more than 20 years.
  • Confident, 100% safe, being the only agent of the Government Housing Bank (GHB). You can check it out at the Bank of Thailand website.
  • There are hundreds of customers who have successfully applied for a home loan. many countries around the world
  • There are staff to give advice at every step like having a personal assistant, whether it is document preparation. signing of documents Bank coordination and many other tips so that you can apply for a loan quickly
  • No need to come to Thailand.

Conclusion GHB Home Loan for Thai abroad.

Loan for Thais abroad GHB is a loan that allows Thai people abroad to own a house or other real estate. in Thailand, even if working abroad using foreign income documents no guarantor is needed No co-borrowing is required And housewives who do not have income, they can use their spouse’s income to jointly borrow. Interested in consulting at LINE @sungateway