Buy land to build a house, what is there to know?

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Buy land to build a house, what is there to know?

Starting to build a house from empty land, there are details that must be studied first. If thinking of buying land to build a house, what do you need to know? Many people think of having a home. You may encounter problems when buying a house. It’s not in the way that you don’t want. on purpose And if you want to build it yourself, you have to start from the land. And if starting from the land, what details must be detailed? If thinking of buying vacant land to build a house


Things to know before buying vacant land

1. Choose a good location

It doesn’t mean just which part of the city is that plot of land. important to consider safety See how convenient the surrounding area is for you, such as whether it’s convenient for you to travel to your workplace. If there is an emergency, how far is the police station and should avoid being in the industrial zone and factory zone because it is not suitable for building housing and can cause various pollution problems

2. Reasonable price

Budget is the most important factor for buying and selling land. You should not be impatient and make a decision to buy immediately. But must first check the appraised value of that land Private land appraisal price and market price

3. Law

in residential construction The preliminary law is the shortening of the land. to see that the building of the house must be away from the road or public space In addition, you should check with the government whether or not there will be expropriation of land in this area in the future. to avoid the problem of being expropriated


will start having a house is a big issue and something we have to think about Analyze a lot both buying a house successfully or to buy land to build a house No matter how much information we find, it’s just that good. Choosing to consult an expert may be another option to understand the decision. You can inquire with real estate experts like Government Housing Bank And for Thai people abroad who are interested in buying land to build a house in Thailand. Loan for Thai people abroad You can contact us at line @sungateway

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