May 23 “World Turtle Day”

World Turtle Day

May 23 “World Turtle Day” together to conserve turtles

May 23, 2000 is World Turtle Day, which was established by American Tortoise Rescue in California. United States to raise awareness for everyone to conserve turtles and the organization Therefore, it has been designated as World Turtle Day.

for Thailand Conserving turtles is an urgent matter that requires cooperation. In our country’s waters, there are 5 types of sea turtles living: loggerhead turtles, hawksbill turtles, green turtles, grass turtles and leatherback turtles. Every year, these sea turtles die due to various reasons. Currently, Thailand has a sea turtle conservation campaign. by announcing it as “Protected wildlife” has laws prohibiting hunting, possession, trade, or import-export.

We can help conserve turtles. Start simply by reducing the use of plastic bags, disposing of plastic waste. Do not throw it on the beach, help collect garbage that is harmful to sea creatures and humans such as broken glass.


Source: PPTV
Picture: pixabay