Google change after the advent of AI?

Google "Search Generative Experience"

Google launches AI

On May 10, Google hosted its annual software developer conference, or Google I/O, highlighting the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into its core search service. This takes user search to the next level.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said the AI system, dubbed “Search Generative Experience”, was able to answer open-ended questions immediately during search results. The introduction of this AI technology into the search system will enhance the potential of both individual and business users.
However, despite the introduction of an advanced Search Generative Experience search system, the appearance of the Google website will still have the appearance, appearance and function, the difference will be in the “answer” only, if the new version of Google detects that The questions we ask can be answered by AI. At the top of the results page is an AI-generated answer. In a manner similar to a telling sentence or advice that makes us not have to sit and look at the content of each link This doesn’t mean that Google will also cut off the traditional web site link list. only moved to the bottom So users can still find more information. If you feel that the answers provided by the AI are not enough
Users can also enter A brand new “conversation mode”, similar to ChatGPT, is able to answer users’ questions in a conscientious manner. It also remembers the user’s previous questions. in order to have a continuous discussion
The company points out that the conversational mode is not designed to be a chatbot with the “personality” like ChatGPT – it is intended solely to help improve search results. No opinion, prejudice or subjectivity will be added to the responses.
The Search Generative Experience system will begin trials in the United States. To allow Google to track data on the quality of use, speed and cost of search results. It will then expand its use to other areas in the future.

Here are some changes that will happen to Google after the adoption of AI:
• The appearance of usage is the same. There is a bar for users to type in what they want to search for.
• Search results. The above will come out as an answer from AI. As for the list of links to various websites that we are familiar with, will be below.
• There is a conversation mode added.

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