What is BOQ

BOQ คืออะไร

BOQ :  Bill of Quantities

is a document related to house construction. The contractor must show the employer. and explain the details material consumption including cost and various first values, which means a bill of materials and expenses Issued by the home designer or building contractor. It will show details of the categories of work that must be done in the construction project that What materials will be used, how much, how many baht, and what is the cost of labor in handling that material?

The importance of BOQ

1. Use BOQ to apply for a loan with a bank.

For those who plan to apply for a loan to build a house BOQ quotations for construction works can be submitted from designers or contractors to the bank for consideration of credit approval. The bank will consider whether the loan amount you apply for is in line with the specified construction BOQ.

*The credit consideration will be according to the conditions of the bank.

2. BOQ can be used to compare the median prices.

In the case of BOQ comes from the house designer. Usually put the rough price of materials to calculate the construction budget. And use this document as the median BOQ price to compare with the BOQ of other proposed contractors, which will visualize which contractor offers the best price.

3. BOQ can be used to inspect work and material standards.

BOQ is like a ready-made checklist that can be used to check that various materials are correct according to the specified items or not. Is there any material or work that is missing or not? BOQ can inspect the work of the contractor both during the construction and during the time of receiving the work.


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