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Customer Voice

This project is excellent, especially in assisting Thais living abroad with loan applications. Even while being abroad, we can send documents to Thailand or proceed with the process without having to fly back and forth

Think of Thailand, Think Sun Gateway

You can apply for a home loan in Thailand. Even working in the USA

The following interview is a real interview transcript from a Thai customer living in the United States for almost 3 years, intending to purchase a house for residential purposes for their parents.


Can you please tell us in which country you are currently residing?

United States


How long have you been living abroad?

2 years and 8 months.


Can you please let us know what type of loan you are applying for? Is it for buying a house, building a house, or a condominium?

I’m applying for a home purchase loan.


How did you learn about our projects?

I saw them through Facebook, like an advertisement. It mentioned that Thais living abroad can apply for loans in Thailand. I got interested and collected information.


Why do you want to buy a house in Thailand?

I want to buy it for my parents to use as a residence.


Have you applied for a loan from elsewhere before?

No, this is my first time. This is the first place I’ve approached.


What made you decide to apply for a loan with Sun Gateway?

Being abroad, it’s quite challenging to return to Thailand frequently. So, I thought if there’s someone here to assist with paperwork and liaise with the bank, it would be easier.


How was the loan application process with us?

The staff provided clear information and worked quickly. They were efficient in document processing and responding promptly.


Any comments from the customer who can use income from abroad to apply for a loan in Thailand?

It’s a good thing because the income earned here is higher than in Thailand, allowing for a better loan amount.


How does it feel to have a house in Thailand?

I feel happy and it’s great because, at least, if one day I want to retire or go back to Thailand, I have a place to stay.


Any message for fellow Thais abroad who are looking or considering opportunities to own a home in Thailand, similar to what you are doing?

This project is excellent in helping Thais abroad apply for loans. It makes the process of owning a house in Thailand and handling paperwork much easier and faster. While being abroad, we can submit documents or process matters without having to fly back and forth.



Thank you for the pictures of the house from our customers.

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