Ms. Pimvalan Saelee

คุณพิมพ์วลัญช์ แซ่ลี้ ลูกค้าจากประเทศ Sweden
คุณพิมพ์วลัญช์ แซ่ลี้ ลูกค้าจากประเทศ Sweden
Sun Gate way(ซัน เกทเวย์)


Customer Voice

I’m glad to have a house in my name that I intend to buy when I retire and on vacation. Impressive that can help with a home can do things from abroad without going back to Thailand The staff is very cooperative and helpful. Recommended for people who are interested around the world. I have done it successfully. Feel free to contact Sun Gateway.

Think of Thailand, Think Sun Gateway

How long has the customer been abroad?

I’ve been here for 10 years now.


How do customers know about our project?

I know you through Facebook.


Why do customers want a house in Thailand?

intended for retirement and time to go on vacation in Thailand


What is the reason that makes customers decide to do business with us?

because it can be done from abroad without having to go back to Thailand


How is the process of proceeding?

Staff are helpful. A bit stuck in time But everything went well. From the beginning, the staff gave me very good advice.


What impressions do customers have on our projects?

Impressed with being able to help me get a house. The staff cooperated and helped me well.


The feeling of having your own home in Thailand How do customers feel?

Glad to have a house in my name


Please give a message to Thai people abroad who want to build a house like your customers.

I recommend it to anyone interested in the world. I have done it successfully. Feel free to contact Sun Gateway. Staff are helpful and take good care.