Soft Power Thai food helps drive the economy

Thai food will be a soft power, creating a selling point for the country and creating opportunities to drive the Thai economy.

Krungthai COMPASS states that Thai food will be a soft power, creating a selling point for the country and creating opportunities to drive the Thai economy.

Why Thai food will become a soft power to drive the economy

1.Popular with foreigners

Thai food is a magnet for foreigners. This is evident from the ranking articles of various websites, including TasteAtlas, which ranked Khao Soi No. 1 of the best soups in the world in The 50 Best Soup and Panang Tid Curry, the best food in the world, and The Best Traditional Dishes In The World. In 2022, Reader’s Digest 2022 ranked Pad Thai 6th out of the top 50 foreign foods popular with US residents, green curry ranked 3rd on the UK population’s list of The 10 Most Popular International. Cuisines In The UK, Massaman Curry that CNN Travel (2022) lists as the best food in the world in The World’s 50 Best Foods, the Most Popular Ethnic Foods From Around The World article of Discovery Lifestyle (2021) stating that Thai food It’s a popular dish in the world for its blend of flavors, and Thailand’s Le Du took the #1 spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2023.

2.It is the world’s largest food exporter.

Thailand ranks 15th in food exports in the world because Thailand has an advantage in raw materials for domestic agricultural products. related to Thai food both raw materials such as seasonings Including ready-to-cook food at 4,589 million US dollars (approximately 161,100 million baht), accounting for 11.5% of all Thai food exports. From 2011-2022, the export value of products in this group has an average growth rate of 5.8. % per year

3.Foreign tourists tend to increase

Food is one of the industries that play a greater role in supporting the tourism industry.

Expanding Thai food business to Soft Power 

Seasoning production business

Especially the group of entrepreneurs who raise the selling point of Thai raw materials, such as chili paste, curry paste, Tom Yum paste, along with developing products that meet health needs, such as seasonings that do not mix MSG. condiments filled with vitamins reduced sodium condiments or organic condiments that meets both health and environmentally friendly products

food production business

Especially the group of entrepreneurs who produce ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat foods. Which targets modern consumers who want convenience and fast eating such as Pad Thai, Pad Kra Pao or Stir-fried green curry ready to eat.

Local restaurants and shops

Especially in restaurants located in tourist destinations, for example, in the case of Lisa Blackpink who gave an interview about eating meatballs. As a result, the sales of standing meatballs in Buriram province increased.

Thai restaurant business abroad

Especially Thai restaurants that offer traditional Thai dishes such as tom yam kung, massaman curry, khao soi, etc. or are sold through online food ordering platforms, which are increasingly popular among new generation consumers.

travel business

Especially the quality tourism business in the group of food tourism (Foods Tourism or Gastronomy Tourism) which will benefit from the number of foreign tourists in this group that tend to grow due to the behavior of modern tourists who want to learn about food culture. Or complete the experience and experience a variety of tourist activities related to each local food.


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