Details of the Loan Program for Thais Abroad

This project is a special project of the state bank. Government Housing Bank
To help Thai people abroad to have their own home in Thailand
(buying a single house, buying a condo, buying a townhouse, buying a townhome, buying a commercial building, etc., both first-hand and second-hand, building a house, refinancing)

If married to a foreigner with no income, can I apply for a loan?

can apply for a loan with us Our loans support the income of foreign spouses.

Do I have to travel back to Thailand to do loan matters?

Able to apply for a loan from abroad no need to travel back to Thailand to proceed

Do I need proof of income in Thailand?

No proof of work in Thailand is required. and does not require proof of income in Thailand

Is there a co-borrower or a guarantor?

No co-borrower required No guarantor required

What is the loan amount?

The maximum approval is 90 – 95%*

How can I trust to apply for a loan with you?

We are representatives of government banks. You can be confident. We have been helping to get home loans for Thai people abroad for more than 20 years, serving customers in more than 120 countries around the world, so customers can be confident. that we actually exist Can request a loan for sure >>> our customers <<<

Can choose the house according to the desired location or must it be the house of the participating project only ?

You can choose a house according to the location that the customer wants. But if the customer is not convenient, we have staff to help serve you >>> our home project <<<